First Auditions

On Tuesday this week (November 19th) we held our first auditions. Whilst not as many people turned up as we hoped, we learnt that this was probably down to us organising it for the centre of Bristol at 5pm. So any further auditions will be a more negotiable time slots! However, we still had a great evening with the people that did attend, with a lot of fun being had with the read throughs and improv scenes. However the limited amount of people meant we couldn’t work as much as we liked, and also the dark lighting of the bar we rented meant that getting footage was a nightmare. So we still have a lot to do before the pilot next week, but cast wise we are very happy with the initial steps we are making. Everyone seemed to understand the tone of the film, as well as our focus on character development and relationships. From the promising start we’ve now had with actors, we are all feeling more confident that we can pull off a professional feeling film.

IMG_3984 IMG_3989 IMG_3995 IMG_3997


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