Cast & Crew Meeting (18th Jan)

So on Saturday Jan18th we had the first official cast and crew meeting to discuss characters, plot and shooting dates. After going over the characters arcs for each character as well as some background and influences we feel that the cast and even ourselves are much more confident with what we’re attempting to do. A chat about everyone’s comedy influences opened us up to a lot of ideas we could apply to our film, as well as some fresh takes on comedy tropes. It was also great to get everyone’s take on the characters they’re playing and give them a chance to develop them. This ended up adding a few layers to each character which we hadn’t anticipated and will ultimately help as we finalise the script to make each character and believable. All of this made us feel much more confident wit the project, as well as bring the whole group a bit closer. Hopefully this will help us to create a relaxed and organic shooting atmosphere and get the best work and performances out of everyone involved. So as we finish the script in the next few days, we have next planned a group read through for Sunday Feb 2nd before we start shooting soon after.


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