First Meeting Overview

Minutes Meeting: 2 hours



Thank you all for coming to the first meeting on Saturday, it was fantastic meeting you all properly and has made me very excited about the film.




First Shooting Date:  9th of February




Next Meeting:  2nd of February


This meeting we will go over the script and character development.  This gives us a chance to get a feel for the narrative and anything we need to work on. If we need to meet again before the first shooting date we can certainly do this.


Within this meeting we will also give you locations on each shoot as well as a day to day shooting schedule. This will incorporate meeting times and locations, each scene we will be shooting as well as costume and additional scripts if you need them.




You are more than welcome to use are WordPress page at

We use this as an online production file which is fantastic for progress updates, pictures, ideas and anything else.

Nathan is working hard on the script and is planning to send you each a copy by this time next week. Please feel free to get in contact if you have any further ideas you would like to incorporate into it.

Thank you Guys see you soon






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