Rough Cut Feedback

Last week we presented the rough cut of our film to several people. Overall the feedback was positive, however there is still a lot to do.

Overall Points:

  • The first scene is very static, for a comedy it needs to be quicker. This means cutting down reaction shots and over lapping sound.
  • The music within the party scene does not give the right tone, research needed.
  • Atmos needs to be constant the whole way through, sometimes it takes you out of the scene.
  • Murder your darlings!

Here are our hand written notes with time codes:


Here are our notes we made when watching the rough cut:

00:41 – Slight glitch between cuts

00:50 – Harry’s line to loud compared to the rest f the scene

1:00 – Sync of voices

1:36 – Harry’s Dolly in shot needs to be longer

1:38 -take out reaction shot, does not work

3:32 – diagetic or Rory crying not needed, just image and music

3:51 – Take out reaction shot and cut sooner

4:30 – Rory line : “friday film”, take it out

4:42 – Music does not fit

6:28 – Key in door much quicker

6:41 – Sync sounds

6:50 – Push frames together

7:00 – Cut scene soundtrack

7:30 – Go pro – Take out

8:00 – Music change, out of sync

11:11- Megs line change, find better shot

11:39 – Better cut away

14:00 – GO PRO shot needs adjusting

15:62 – Sync Issue and editing when sitting down


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