Sound: Inspiration

I will be recording the audio separately on a Marantz because it will give the dialogue a much richer sound than if we used an external microphone with the Canon 60D.

As the film is a comedy, I have been looking at ways that sound is used to comic effect in British films and TV.


In this scene, whooshes are used as the camera moves between Pegg and Frost, this is something we would like to use in our whip pans because it gives a quick the pace to the scene. I really like the use of the ominous music which creates melodrama and tension. I would like to use overdramatic music for the flashbacks because it could really enhance the humour in the sequences.


I recently watched Match Point which had an opera soundtrack and although the film is a tragedy, I thought that it could be funny if we used a dramatic opera/classical song in Rory’s flashback where he cries in the shower, the way that the dramatic music is used in Spaced. For Olivia’s flashback I would like to use violins to give an overly sympathetic and comedic tone.

Wagner Tannhauser Overture

The Artist Dream Sequence

I love the heightened reality created by the sound in this sequence. I would love to use this technique in our film if there is an opportunity.

Music for each character in freeze frames. 

We will be using freeze frames of the characters when introducing them and I would like to give them each a sound effect, similar to the way that music is used in Westerns, characters have their own music when they enter a scene, particularly the bad guys. For Stuart, he points and winks at the camera, I want to use a gun shot sound. It will be silly and a bit cheesy, and slightly mocks the character because he thinks he is such a big shot and over confident.


We have Seb Scholfield, a student from BIMM on board for an original score to our party scene. Here are a couple of tracks we gave him for inspiration:



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