Sound Feedback and second edit feedback

Last night we presented our film for the second time to get a sound feedback as well as anything else need changing

Main Points:

  1. The main soundtrack does not fit with the tone of the film – Problem
  2. Some parts are now to quick, thus disrupts the emotions of the characters
  3. Atoms issues – need to be consistent

Below are the changes needing to be made with time codes:

1:32 – Out of sync with dialogue

1:50 – The reaction shot is far to quick

2:30 – Atmos changes

2:45 – Atmos Changes

3:16 – Olivia’s line is to quiet

5:00 – Atmos changes

6:00 – Can cut the joke, not needed. Will save time

6:35 – Music too quiet

9:00 – Party scene levels are out

9:54 – Need to turn down the levels of music in order to get away with diagetic sound

11:00 – Cut is very quick

11:35 – Stuart leaves to quickly

12:00 – Fade transition to morning






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