Daily Production Reports

Within this page you can see how each day of the shoot went by having accesses to the individual daily reports as well as some specific notes made during filming and teaser clips.

Daily Reports:

Day 1

Daily_Report 1B


Teaser shots of the Estate Agents: IMG_8962IMG_9024IMG_9029


Day 2

Daily_Report 2


Long Take Map out

Teaser Shot:IMG_9131IMG_9116


Day 3

Daily_Report 3





Teaser Shot: IMG_9119IMG_9146


Day 4

Daily_Report 4

Teaser Shots:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.31.56






Wednesday the 4th of March

Today we brought back all the equipment that we hired and borrowed from various sources. We all met at 10am with each SD card and camera, ready to upload. Watching all the rushes allowed the group to gain a feel and tone for the whole film. Now post production begins, starting with the naming of 200! clips we have. Watch out for all the postproduction updates!





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