Editing Log

16th March 

Today we started to convert our rushes into the correct format and began uploading them into individual bins for each scene. We have decided to use Final Cut to edit Mind The Gap (See Below) because we believe we have the most experience using this software and each have it available at home. This therefore gives us flexibility when it comes down to moving the film from one laptop to another. Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 14.57.16 Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 14.57.53



17th March

The start of editing Begins! Today I (Robbie) began to move the shots into the timeline trying to accumulate  a rough cut of the first scene. (See below) There  was a slight panic when I found out how much footage we took of the first scene, however paced myself and tried to capture just the narrative of the film before choosing  the best shots, which we will do at a later stage. Nathan and Lucy came in shortly after and viewed what I had done, making sure we were all happy with it’s progress.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.50.53

20th March 

Editing is well under way. We are now at the half way stage of putting a rough cut together. Myself and Nathan began are first set of notes containing what we needed to change in order to make it look professional and comedic. The first scene does look slightly over exposed with the bright lighting of the estate agents. However this is not an issue due to the colour correction we intend to do at the end of the editing process. (See below Notes)




26th March 

The first rough cut is compete! After a painful 7 hours in a dark editing room we have a rough cut of our film. Now for some feed back. We met with a couple of our peers to show them the progress. (see here for feed back Edit Feed back)


1st April

We are very happy with how the film looks, however from feedback and our own views there is still a lot to be done. T enable a fast paced tone, the whole film needs to be tightened up. Today we began by cutting each scene down and taking notes from Simon Peg editing classes online in order to sustain a fast comedic narrative. Taking ideas from Shaun of the dead montage scene ( see below ) we began developing the rough cut.


2 – 6 April 

During these days we focused on tightening our film up and to get it ready to hand it over to Lucy in order to start the sound edit!


9th April

Today we had a group meeting in order to set deadlines for ourselves. We had a quick look at the film and decided before we could do anything else we needed to hand it over to sound. The next editing update will hopefully be in a week, where we will be presenting it to a small audience and then tightening up sound and image together.


17th April

Today we began to tighten up as much of the footage as possible. After the showing, we took the feedback and really cracked down on cutting down shots to make the whole film a lot smoother and quicker. We are really trying to create a fun and positive toned film so in order to do this music//image and sound really need to flow.


22nd April

Back from the Easter break we began to fit the original music into the film. We have to admit this was very tricky because it did not really fit with the tone of the whole production. With so many shots and cuts, editing down became very difficult. It was a very stressful day but managed it. We also gained valuable editing techniques from using wider reading such as PJ Wilsons editing guide and Edgar’s guide to editing comedy. This further developed our film because we were able to speed the process up and give some of the scenes a valuable professional touch.


28th April

Drawing very close to the deadline the next few days will be tightening up the whole film and importing our stop motion introduction at the beginning. We competed this last week on another final cut project and wanted to get the right music before transferring it over.


29th April

Last day to edit the film! apart from watching it a hundred times, we wanted to create a gag reel alongside the credits. This was very easy because of the numerous outtakes. The very last of the editing process was to export the film onto Vimeo and through quick-time. Watch out for Mind The Gap, finally.

1st May

We have completed Mind the Gap! Exporting now!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.03.50




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