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Throughout the production we kept an eye out for any theoretical work, magazine articles,pictures and videos that would help further our film.

This page is full of inspiration! You can also look at how we progressed through our production from looking at the post page available here: Posts

We tweeted Edgar Right to get some advise on writing comedy to begin the process. Have a look!

Our first meeting saw the start of researching what tone of film we wanted. The idea of having three friends struggling in life but brought back to happiness through friendship was extremely appealing. However we were determined not to create a classic “student comedy”, thus the research into award winning comedy sketches and directors.

We came across this book by Gerald Mast who makes aware of comedy history. He establishes and disputes what makes a good comedy through characters, dialogue and camera work. A vital source for our creative development.

Mast, G,. 1979. The comedy mind: comedy and movies. Chicago. University of Chicago Press.

We really wanted India to be a very dominant female character within the film. If she could control the two other characters it would further enhance the comedic tone as well as give the film a topic which is very relevant into days film industry as well as society. Female characters have become more and more involved when dominating a film and have made such an impression in the last ten years, according to critic and theorist Keith M Johnson, female ideology has dramatically changed. Science Fiction film have distorted generic gender roles, ” The bulk of the film pictures, a female only society with powerful mental abilities, who are able to control and manipulate Erathmen to do their bidding” (Johnson, K, 2013. P, 32 )

Johnson, K,. 2013. Science Fiction Film: A Critical Introduction. East Anglia. Burg.

With this in mind the dynamics and proxsemics of our film really do highlight our female character.  Each shot will take the opportunity to portray India’s (AKA INDI) control. We have taken reference from several modern comedies:



When meeting the cast, there was something so unique between the three of them appearance wise, We wanted to find away to highlight it. This then led to the research into GOPRO footage. The fish eye lens would be a perfect angle to capture the comedic tone of the characters as well as exaggerate their expressions and movements.

We took inspiration from camera angles on programmes such as peep show and online sport videos:

We also thought it would be fantastic to put onto Rory using a mounted rig when he is acting drunk within the party scene.



Sound Is crucial In the film! Here is a development of sound research:

I will be recording the audio separately on a Marantz because it will give the dialogue a much richer sound than if we used an external microphone with the Canon 60D.

As the film is a comedy, I have been looking at ways that sound is used to comic effect in British films and TV.


In this scene, whooshes are used as the camera moves between Pegg and Frost, this is something we would like to use in our whip pans because it gives a quick the pace to the scene. I really like the use of the ominous music which creates melodrama and tension. I would like to use overdramatic music for the flashbacks because it could really enhance the humour in the sequences.


I recently watched Match Point which had an opera soundtrack and although the film is a tragedy, I thought that it could be funny if we used a dramatic opera/classical song in Rory’s flashback where he cries in the shower, the way that the dramatic music is used in Spaced. For Olivia’s flashback I would like to use violins to give an overly sympathetic and comedic tone.

Wagner Tannhauser Overture

The Artist Dream Sequence

I love the heightened reality created by the sound in this sequence. I would love to use this technique in our film if there is an opportunity.

Music for each character in freeze frames. 

We will be using freeze frames of the characters when introducing them and I would like to give them each a sound effect, similar to the way that music is used in Westerns, characters have their own music when they enter a scene, particularly the bad guys. For Stuart, he points and winks at the camera, I want to use a gun shot sound. It will be silly and a bit cheesy, and slightly mocks the character because he thinks he is such a big shot and over confident.


We have Seb Scholfield, a student from BIMM on board for an original score to our party scene. Here are a couple of tracks we gave him for inspiration:




Crossing between scenes can be very challenging within a comedy and can really make the whole production very static. To help solve this we have decided to have quick montage shot as well has fast whip pans and sped up shots:


Green Wing is the master of speeding up their transitions:

Edgar Wright is the king of Montage shots:

We have been researching into poster design. We really like the idea of having the three characters at the front of the page with an out of focused distorted party going on in the background. Here is the cover I found in my Empire magazine of Wolf of wall street

IMG_20140429_0005Also love the color and writing font of this magazine cut out of a short comedy:



Great article of Nick Frost – introducing comedy





With regards to costume we actually wanted the three characters to wear different block colors. However with some though we believed that normal day to day clothes would tie in with the raw reality of the film. With this in mind we did some research on the costume in comedy shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Spaced:



Lighting will be extremely tricky with the film. We want a natural raw feel to the production and will have to make it as bright and warm as possible. We have tested this through researching lighting techniques and having lessons into how to get the right colour. Within are party scene we really want a bold colour spreading across the set. With this in mind we felt that several redheads would be powerful enough to do this. Using red and purple gels over one another we are able to form a colourful and inviting scene.

imgres-2 imgres-3

 Practical execution 

In our party scene, we are planning on recreating this technique using a dolly track. It will be a great way to introduce the scene  and will have great comic effect as we will be showing different corners of the party and what the characters are getting u to. It will take a lot of planning but if we consider every aspect properly we think that we can pull it off and it will make a great addition to the film.

Have a look at the notes for the long take scene:

Long Take Map out


Researching how to create a Great Digital Press Kit:



Festival Applications

We are extremely excited by the up and coming screening of our film, however have decided to do some research into short film festivals around the country. With having a unique comedy gives us a fantastic advantage when trying to market our film. The genre has become extremely niche within the short film industry and we believe it could go places if the editing is up to scratch! We think the idea of friends coming back together after being in the ‘real world’ is a relevant and uplifting prospect into days society and hopefully by marketing the theme of friendship and escape of everyday reality, finding happiness through old companions, the film could be a success.

Each festival has been picked because of the type of films they want and believe we could have a chance of getting into.


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