Sound Log

Here is the development of Sound:

Tuesday 15th April 

Today I (Lucy) started the sound editing. We recorded the sound separately on a Marantz, so syncing the sound to the image is a daunting task! I went through all the tracks I had recorded and wrote down what each track contained. I chose not to label the tracks on the computer because I find it easier to refer to tracks by number with details handwritten.

I also watched the rough cut which had the original sound still linked to the clips, this really helped me when it came to finding the tracks that I was going to use.



Wednesday 16th April

I started work on scene 1 today. It took a lot longer than I was expecting which I put down to the amount of different shots and takes we are using, so there are a lot of different tracks to go through. Listening out for the tiniest background noise or difference in delivery by the cast in the original sound helped but it was a little disheartening that it took hours to complete only a couple of minutes, especially because the first scene is so long.

I found syncing the sound to the clip came easily once I had the right track. I’m glad we recorded the sound separately, it really makes a lot of difference to the quality of sound.


Thursday 17th April

I spent all day editing and managed to complete the first scene which was surprising after the how long everything took yesterday. As this is the rough cut, there is still a lot to be tweaked but overall it sounds much better. I’m glad this scene is out of the way now, but I need to work on the atmos and to try to achieve a smoother transition between tracks. The main problem with the scene as it is, is that when we were filming there were a lot of cars driving past in the rain and with the glass front of the estate agents the sound is magnified. I was also unable to record an atmos track because the Marantz ran out of battery whilst filming, so I have constructed one out of quiet clips in some of the tracks, its not ideal but it does help to give some continuity.


Tuesday 22nd April

I was able to complete scene 2 in one day which was really encouraging. I think this is down to the fact that I have become quicker at editing and the scene only cuts between two shots and the Go Pro. I think next week this scene will need a lot of work and some clips will need to be changed because the lines are a little fluffed at the end of the scene but this can be sorted in the next stage of editing.


Wednesday 23rd April

I have made a start on scene 3, the party scene. I am really pleased with the way the long take looks and sounds but the dialogue at the end needs a little work. There is a fair bit of background noise so I am working on getting the dialogue a little louder and clearer. It also took  a long time to find the tracks for the short dolly shots, there were a lot of takes with little to differentiate them which meant syncing was quite tricky. I am starting to think about music for this scene and have my friend Seb, a student at BIMM, working on a soundtrack for the party scene, so hopefully he will come up with a great track for us.


Thursday 24th April 

I have completed the party scene and scene 4. It was fairly easy to find the tracks and sync them to the final scene. Seb has given me the score for the party, I am really pleased with it and I think it fits really well. I need to play around with the levels so that when Olivia leaves the room the music sounds muffled.


Friday 25th April 

Today I finished the sound for the rough cut. I working on the flashbacks from scene 1, putting in the diegetic sound and adding sound effects, like whooshes for the whip pans. I think they are looking really good and quite funny. I’m not sure about the sound of Olivia crying it doesn’t sync very well, I also want to add in some violin music to give a melodramatic effect as in Rory’s shower flashbacks with the Wagner Tannhauser Overture. Nathan came in to have a look at what I have done and gave me some feedback on any bits that were slightly out of sync. It was a great help to have an extra pair of eyes and ears. We also discussed the types of music we want over each scene- we feel that music will pick up the pace of the film and keep the tone young, upbeat and comic.


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