The Film

Mind The Gap from Nathan Ellingsworth on Vimeo.

Mind The Gap Vimeo

A short film about 3 friends growing up….. slowly


 Directors Statement:

Hello this Nathan Ellingsworth, the Director for ‘Mind The Gap’, our third year cinematic practice project. Together with Robbie Gray and Lucy Redfern, as well as our incredible cast, we have developed this film from a very simple idea of friends struggling to grow up into the tale of love, loss and cake that it has become. Using our pssion for British comedy such as Green Wing, Spaced and Peep Show as a starting point, we always knew the slightly unrealistic comedy tone we were aiming for, as well as the basic cast of young adults we wanted to use. What we hadn’t quite developed though was the exact state of our story and the overarching theme of our film. This came from development together as we were building the team, as well as talking and experimenting with the cast and how they wanted to approach these characters. We always wanted our cast to feel like these characters were their own so we could get much more realistic performances, and to make them truly look like friends. From the very first auditions and in every single moment of filming our main three leads were brilliant at this, they looked and acted like they had known each other for years which gave a level of authenticity and humour that really lifted our film up. We were very lucky as well in our locations, thanks to Johnny for helping us to use an actual estate agents, to Sam & Ian for letting us ruin their flat and to The Anchor pub for letting us come in and film with absolutely no prior planning or permission! When it came to delivering the final product, their was one message that had a distinct impact however. After asking Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead, Spaced, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) for comedy advice, expecting no reply of course, we got a hugely honest and helpful reply, to simply write what you know. This helped turn our script into a mixed cocktail of friends jokes, stories and past experiences that somehow worked as a cohesive tale of friendship against adversity. Given my own experience in the last few years this was absolutely the message I wanted to convey, of friendship lasting above everything, and I am hugely thankful, grateful and humbled that so many people have worked so hard to help achieve this. This film was made because of the effort of many people, so eternal thanks to everyone involved.


Mind The Gap is a tale of three friends, one flat, one party and a whole lot of cake. Shot to mimic a pilot episode of a sitcom, it starts when each of their individual lives fall to pieces, three old friends are forced to move in together against their better wishes. Trying to make the most of it though they organise a housewarming party, which ends abruptly with the arrival of a certain ex partner.. We used our infleunces from British comedy such as Spaced, IT Crowd and Green Wing and developed them with our love for improvisation, experimental shots and a darker humour and tone to create something fresh, honest and with any luck funny.



Meet the team!


Robbie Gray: Robbie has been working as a producer for the entire production. Alongside Nathan, he is also camera man and director of photography as well as editor.


Nathan Ellingsworth: Nathan has created the entire script for Mind The Gap and first came up with the story, using influences from Edgar Wright he developed the tone of the film as well as the characters. He is also Director and camera man alongside Robbie.


 Lucy Redfern: Lucy is director of sound and artistic director for the entire production, on set and in the editing stage



Meet the Cast


Rory Potts: Rory is an hilarious Bristol based actor who is currently starring in various short films across the city. He plays the part of Luke within the film.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 14.34.37

Stuart Milliner: Stuart is the most friendly person ever. He is from Cornwall and is currently a part time actor hoping to get into drama school. Stuart plays the part of Harry in the film.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 14.33.22

Olivia Salvage: Olivia is the most enthusiastic person in our film. She is from Western Super Mare and is currently a part time actor appearing in short films and TV productions. She plays the part of India (AKA Indie)

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 14.35.57

Briony Ward: Briony is also from Wester Super Mare and plays the part of Meg

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 14.35.10

Steve Moore: Steve is a Bristol based Part time actor and plays the part of The Agent

 For contact details please click here: Crew Details




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